[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


Alrighty, I’m back on the ETH pool. The ETC pool was fun though. Here blockie blockie?


Question…what happens to shares submitted if one moves their rig to another pool after mining here for a while (4 or 5 days) and no block is found during that time period? Seems that shares vanish over a certain period of time, which I would think that one should still get some sort of payment when a block is found…I understand that this percentage might be very small as others would still be submitting shares to the current round. But why does it seems that my shares submitted just vanish after a day or two after I stop submitting?


The ETH pools shares stick around longer than say ETC. We use PPLNS, which means if you stop contributing to finding a block, then eventually you lose those shares. The reason it’s set up this way is we had a plague of pool hoppers at the start. They were happy to bust blocks during the easy times, but wouldn’t help break blocks during the dry times. PPLNS is an incentive to stick around. You get more rewards if you keep the pool alive.


Thx for the reply…was just curious…I’m trying to get the most out of my rigs and right at the moment it seems that XMR mining is the most profitable for me at the moment…once i get a few more cards i’ll be back over to Anorak.


Can you explain why my round share keeps dropping?

A block hasn’t been found in over a week. My round share was around 2.2%.

Now it seems a lot of new miners have joined and in the last couple days my round share has dropped by more than half to 1.12%. My hash rate remains the same.

Why is that?


If people are contributing more hashing power, your contribution will be a lower percentage. That’s what round share is.

As a very rough example:

  • If the hash rate is 10GH and you’re contributing 1GH over the queue length, your round share would be 10%.

  • If the hash rate is 20GH and you’re contributing 1GH, your round share would be 5%, even though your contribution is the same.

So if the amount of hashing power in the pool doubles, your share will adjust to half of what it was.

These are obviously rounded numbers for illustration but the concept is the same.

I wrote about the PPLNS system here:

and you can read Anorak’s explanation here:

PPLNS means that your share is based on the queue (LNS stands for Last N Shares, where N is a set queue length, currently about 76800 shares), not necessarily the time since the last block. This rewards steady miners more than pool hoppers.

It’s unfortunate/unlucky that the pool hash rate dropped over the last two weeks (as people tried out the other pools), and that’s part of what’s behind our not finding an ETH block in a few days.


Sooo, anyone mining with 1080’s? Apparently OhGodAGirl and company have a tool for sale to get 49ish Mh out of them!!


Btw, what is this new “all” tag?


More info on the 1080 hack


So where is all this new hash rate coming from to make my round share drop by 50% if not new miners?


I didn’t say it wasn’t new miners, but I don’t keep track of everyone’s wallets.

It could be new miners, or existing miners bringing more hashing to the pool. More likely, a combination of both.

As an example, I had left ETH for ETC and PIRL for the last couple of weeks (since they came online), and brought ~130MH back to ETH yesterday or so (which is 0.7% of current hash rate, but due to the PPLNS queue is currently a 1.01% round share).

Anyway, if your hash rate remained the same, and the pool hash rate doubled, your round share should be about half what it was before the pool hash rate doubled.

Unfortunately, my api scraper no longer works, so I can’t give you my epic graphs, but the math is still relevant.


Interesting. Seems very vague.


One of the guys on the Facebook Eth mining groups is using it, says the program “runs along side”
Also, turns out this version is free and other cards coming soon.
Jealous of you 1080ti card holders, although, I bought 2 580’s for the price of 1 1080ti


Weird. Alas, I have a 1060 and a 1050Ti so I’ll be sitting it out. :slight_smile:


Last tip for you guys for tonight (maybe)
I just got a MSI Armor MK2 570 ( the red one) 1225/2225/875 it gets 31.01Mh, but the best part is it is running 43 degrees with fan at 45% and the BEST part is that is draws 78 watts TOTAL!!!
This beats the pants off my Sapphire cards at 104 watts…


I got two of those red ones. The only problem I have with those is sometimes you get a red warning about how it got an incorrect share (not a stale/rejected) and says to be wary about overclocking.


Did you bios mod the card?


Yes, simple copy/paste mod everyone is familiar with. Only messed with timing in bios, everything else, core, mem, vlt, adjusted in miner.
It is possible that 1 click or custom straps may have better performance, but I don’t have any free time this month to mess around.


Dont log into wallets today!


Or just check the certificates like the MEW site told you to do ten times before you even got to the second page of setup :slight_smile: