[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


At 100 Mh you will get .03ish per block found at current pool hash. So we just got 2 blocks a few days ago, that would put you at your weekly average in other pool and anything else that comes along is gravy. It’s not so simple with a small pool to say every week we will get 2 blocks, we may get none one week and 5 the next… in the long run it averages out, but it is hard to switch when we are so used to seeing a balance increase every few minutes in a large pool.


I go away for a couple of days and come back to two more beta pools!


so, hows the PIRL pool performing, any interesting stuff?


PIRL was big until the boss brought out UBIQ. :slight_smile:


Hahaha, I thought UBIQ isnt that profitable to mine any longer. Well at least not as ETC and PIRL, or ofc ETH.


Some people find it worthwhile, and some people aren’t entirely focused on the next hour’s profitability. :slight_smile:

@Anorak’s later pools have had pretty good luck at launch, so there’s something to be said for that.


The ETC pool has had 60 blocks so far this month. Good luck there in deed.


ETC has had 60 blocks in only 8 days, in fact.

PIRL has had 87 in what, 6 days? They’re only worth about $5 per block though. :slight_smile:


Anyone mining with a r9 290x? I got one for a good price but it is a power hog and there is no current mining info on it. So far, 1050 is the lowest I can undervolt… should I use this for Cryptonight mining only to cut the power draw?


I have a R9 290X in my gamer… Unfortunately, it consumes ALOT. It will do 30M/hs with O.C on the GPU w/o BIOS mod :frowning: BUT, I can’t touch memory speeds or voltages or it crashes.
Not a lot of info avail. I do believe @Anorak 's HEX bios HOW-TO cover this model as well. I think it’s for the r 370’s that came out after the 290’s (Hawaii board)
I haven’t really messed with it since it’s my primary gaming/coding PC. But, like I said above - it doesn’t like anything but GPU speed @ 150W :crazy_face:





Hi okes. I am a fairly new miner with about 320 mh/s hashing power with another gh/s coming in the next week. I am thinking of moving over to anorak eth pool. Is it still worth it compared to nanopool, or should I rather look at etc?


I get about 0.05 eth every two days…


It depends how patient you are. If you plan to mine long term, your overall payout should average out regardless of where you mine.The difference is our fee is lower and we have a great community here.

Small pools:

In the short term, sometimes you can get high variance blocks and sometimes you can get low variance blocks.


But I saw alot of people took their rigs in this pool over to the etc, is the eth pool still large enough to give decent returns?


I originally moved to the ETC pool to test it out, but then noticed overall worth was more. However, now ETH mining is more profitable. I’m going to be moving back to the ETH pool pretty soon.


Ok so I am moving my rigs over to anorak tonight. I did a bit of reading on the site and saw that the next expected block was 4 days ago. Reason to worry?


There’s no reason to worry if your intention is to stick with it.


I have two rigs, both exactly the same, one here and one on ethermine. Average rate 180 mh/s. In the past month I made 0.23 here and 0.41 on ethermine. The previous month I was making the same on xeminer before it disappeared.

People on these forums keep saying to hang in, so i’ll keep the one rig here maybe for another month to see if things improve. I would love to support a smaller mining pool, but not at half the cost of my potential mining power.