[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


Thanks that makes sense!


Yap, deleted allpols option while ago… Devfee is mining from anorak.tech…


If you solo mine you can have all the rewards to yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


That’ll happen one day in the future when Ethereum differentiates itself so much as to be seen as a unique entity on its own. For now, the public at large (and trading) only recognize it under the umbrella of another cryptocurrency.

That large umbrella is pretty subjective to the varying winds (read: price movements) of Bitcoin


Hey, @gallifreyan, did you notice that pool hashrate of ETH & ETC are almost identical :slight_smile:


The etc pool seems to have awesome luck with finding blocks. 25 blocks from 4/4/18 until now.

Can anyone recommend a decent bitcoin cash pool? I was thinking of trying that with my little gekko stick miner.


Anyone know what’s the current ETH block variance? It seems we are mostly having very bad luck :frowning:


It’s only 121%, so far. It could be much worse, but also the hash rate is down by a lot.


Is there an easy way to see the variance, or a way to calculate it from stats shown somewhere?


The HOME button takes you to a page that shows the variance percentage of the current block



For those of us that have to accrue several “rewards” to get a “payout”, is there any easy way to keep track of what rewards go to the payout?


The rewards tab should give you a more granular look at rewards vs payouts


Friday the 13th 2 blocks let’s get the hat trick!


Double block party!!


I didn’t even want to check today, glad i did


Probably not very easily… you can view your rewards and payouts, and the rewards tab shows the amount you earned for each block in a green block.

There should never be a case when a reward is split across payouts, so you can keep track of the payout amounts and figure which rewards add up to it, if it’s worth the time and effort.


Hi there can’t connect to Port 8004 it’ reejects 8002 is workin eth pool


Thanks @gallifreyan and @entropic616. Looks like I’ll just have to do some excel work and insert a date. Just trying to do some comparative analysis on hashrate/reward.


Do you guys think that I could more if I mine here in anorak?
Right now I am on ethermine with claymore, 122Mhs 625w.
Rig 4 RX 580 sorthly one more I will add
I am getting 0.0625 ETH per week