[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


I agree
Hereeee Blockie blockie blockieeeee :slight_smile:


Here blockie blockie, got something for you :joy:image


Oh My!!! That’s just wrong in so many ways. :rofl:


But it does have a certain appeal


Dude, that should be our mascot.


This is worth a read… From TrustNodes


Thanks for the post. This is definitely a good read.


Dude is right. It isn’t at some big exponent of the current GPU efficiency. It also can’t be resold to gamers hungry for a GPU. However, I still think I am going to put more of my resources towards Ethereum Classic right. Even with the current decline in ETH difficulty.


There it is! Under 100 sweet.


Double block dance party!

ETC: https://gastracker.io/block/5683124 4/7/2018 10:41:56pm PT (537%)
ETH: https://etherscan.io/block/5401488 4/7/2018 10:35:13pm PT (78%)



The smaller pool is paying pretty damn good!!!


It does… But soooo seldom :slight_smile:


Here’s to hoping the luck changes soon.


I think the ETC pool is a great example of how bigger pools work, in a sense. Not saying it’s big as much as it is going much faster than the ETH pool. We hit that 537% variance block, but it happened so quickly that it didn’t seem to matter.

“da udder pools gave da korrekt hash!”


ETH pool dropped under 10 gh/s… But my round share is impressive :slight_smile:
If we make 8 blocks per month :slight_smile:


It was looking like the eth price may separate from btc? Holding and rising out of sync for once


Miners using claymore should remove “-allpools 1”.
When you use this parameter, the miner will jump to an other pool (dwarf, ethermine, nanopool).
So we lose 1% of claymore hashpower and we have 1% chance to miss a block.

Anorak is stratum+tcp compatible so claymore miner will mine devfee on the pool and this won’t affect the miner.

I am connected through rigproxy but it is the same as being connected directly to eth.anorak.tech (except that I get back 1% minus rigproxy fees) and I have no problem with dev fee mining.

Apr 10 09:41:43 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: ETH: Stratum - connecting to ‘eu.rigproxy.com’ <> port 8004 (unsecure)
Apr 10 09:41:43 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: ETH: Stratum - Connected (eu.rigproxy.com:8004) (unsecure)
Apr 10 09:41:43 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: start mining
Apr 10 09:41:55 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: ETH: 04/10/18-09:41:54 - New job from eu.rigproxy.com:8004
Apr 10 09:42:00 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: ETH: 04/10/18-09:42:00 - New job from eu.rigproxy.com:8004
Apr 10 09:42:20 RIG2 sh[9005]: DevFee: stop mining and disconnect


I have pointed this out several times, no one seems to agree with me to drop allpools from the recommended settings.

Regards, S


This is a poke to @Anorak :slight_smile:


Eh? I just set mine to ALLPOOLS: 0 in my epools.txt file.