[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


I am at 8004 and got only one disconnect past 3 days since the 6h breakdown.


Servers have been up for me all the time. But I will look into it!


Yeah it happened to me again about half an hour ago, but no biggie since I have my failover go to ETC pool


Restarted rig i have been up for 20 hours but I’m not sure why for 3 hours before that kept disconnecting but was able to connect with another pool with Claymore fail over I tried all 3 ports but I would disconnect after a few minutes, It may have been me. I add another card to the rig a few hours earlier.


My last pool disconnections occured on :

1 may 2018 at 12:19:12
3 may 2018 at 20:59:20

No pool side disconnection since.


So I shouldn’t still switch from Nanopool still?


1 disconnection per day is not a problem if it is not a backend restart.
As always, configure your miner with a failover, low delays for connection retry and switch back to main pool after a fail occured.


Hey guys, it seems that the pools are running stable now. Good job!


Got that on ubiq pool at 20:48:58 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ETH:: No new jobs were received for 10 mins - something is wrong with the pool (or check -ejobtimeout and -djobtimeout options), disconnect.

(Direct connection, not using rigproxy for ubiq)


Thanks for talking the time to answer. I’m trying to understand it all and I guess i’m not understanding how that prevents pool hopping.

If new hash is coming in and getting a percentage of the round share that i’m losing, how am i benefiting from keeping my hash in the pool non stop?

Would it not make sense for someone to leave the pool for ethermine lets say, and jump back in when they think a block might be found by the Anorak pool?

I mined non-stop from 4/13-5/3 and only received a payout of 0.034ETH.

I’ve since switched to ethermine and made that much in 3 days.

And during that entire spell of the long block I saw my share ratio drop as new miners joined. So I guess I still don’t see how it benefits miners to stay on Anorak instead of jumping on and off.


Give it a try, maybe it’ll be worth it for you.

I switched back to ethermine because my other rig there was making almost 2x more.

I was on Anorak for a little under two months and made 0.27ETH

My other rig on ethermine, same exact setup, made 0.55ETH


This is because of N value in PPLNS.
It has been lowered on pool and now it is too low compared to network difficulty.
When “total round shares” > N, late coming miners will get a part of your percentage (your previous share that go out of the PPLNS window).


Normally the PPLNS queue for ETH pool is a bit longer. It was lowered temporarily because of the stress test.


It seems to be if you were to jump in before the estimated block youd get more. The longer i mine in this pool my reward is less. I joined right before a block was found one time and earned. 0.04 almost for very little contribution. I doubled my rig, Left the pool and re entered. If it found a block it would have been 0.06 now its been mining a couple days waiting for block and my reward is way less. Only way to get it back up is to leave and re enter the pool and my reward will be higher if the block is found. I find this very odd…


Like I said above, the PPLNS queue was shortened for the stress test to encourage people to hop on and see how far we could take the hash rate before the server took a shit. I’m sure it will go back to a more reasonable length.


I am having multiple disconnections per day, can someone check his log and tell me if he has the same situation (or is my connection instable)
disconnections occured at

  • 17:35:00 (9 may)
  • 17:58:58 (9 may)
  • 18:10:01 (9 may)
  • 00:30:49 (10 may) <- few minutes after this one, there were some stat display problems on pool
    French time (GMT+2)

Update: @00:55 : crazy stats are back. It shows 0.2% for my round share (It should display a value above 1%).

New disconnection:

  • 00:56:58


New Asus H370 Mining Master - supports 20 GPU’s :grin:


@anorak @gallifreyan

Got this in my mailbox


Have not heard about it yet.


I wrote the admin if he can give us some more insight. :+1: