[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


So we had another semi-long block… maybe it’s time to rotate the discussion thread.





I think we should schedule another block for today, eh? :man_technologist:


So the big news this month:


  • Anorak’s ETC (Ethereum Classic) pool is in early beta testing. There are still some quirks, so if you’re not comfortable troubleshooting on your own, you may wish to hold off on trying it out.
  • There is an invite-only beta tester forum.
    • PM me with your currently-active mining address on that pool (or at least the last 6 characters if you’re worried) if you want to be invited to it.
    • You do not need to be in that forum to mine to the pool. It’s meant for people I know will actively troubleshoot things, and is intentionally being kept small.
    • General questions (like Q: “Why am I having trouble with port 9024?” A: “No idea. Try 9022 or 9029.”) can go here as well, although at this point active triage and troubleshooting of any issues is the goal, rather than basic support.
    • It is smaller than most ETC pools, so some of the growing pains we’ve seen on ETH in the last two months are likely to crop up there as well. If that’s not to your liking, there are other pools. Tough love? Maybe. :slight_smile:


  • Anorak’s ETH (Ethereum) pool continues to run. Our variances are a bit high lately, and hash rate is leveling out, but we’ve apparently lost a few of our pool hoppers so remaining miners should see better return and more consistent stats.


Monero hard fork


Well it seems ETH will not fork against ASIC, instead they said they will implement CASPER quicker than planned. Im thinking in June ETH mining is over, so we should look for backup coin to mine. ETC pool readdy? :slight_smile:

Here is the link about Casper.


ETC pool is live and seems to be working well (see the first post in this topic). It’s less than a week old so keep that in mind. :slight_smile:


What’s a good ETC wallet to use? Since Coinbase doesn’t offer one, I’m just checking around to see what others use.


I’m going to use MEW - MyEtherWallet


Was just reading about that one too…looks like a good choice.


It handles lots of different token types.
I’ve used them before for a ICO I contributed too.


I use Emerald Wallet on my Windows machine (alongside Parity for ETH). Could also use Bittrex I suspect, at our volume. Or you can run Parity for ETC although I don’t know how you’d do two instances on the same machine.

MEW comes highly recommended to me from some of my tech industry friends, and it integrates with hardware wallets I think.


Awesome, thx for the replies…I’ve got a Jaxx account which has ETC wallet but not sure if I should use it or not, I’ve seen some complaints about them not being very good. I’m setting up a MEW right at the moment.


Holy smokes the ETH pool shrank fast.


It’s been drifting a bit. I hear it’s because of the average 6 cent a day pool fee. :slight_smile:

I’m mining one GPU there and 10 on ETC. May adjust that this weekend when I get another two cards installed.


I’m new to altcoin. But I’ve always been attracted to ETH because of it’s “contract” feature. But with PoS coming fast GPU just doesn’t have a future. I know I don’t have enough ETH to even amount to shiver in the cold. I see ASIC machines possibly hitting hard for what’s left of the ETH PoW. I’m a bit disappointed that the GPU’s are all but done with ETH, but that’s been the plan since the beginning. I applaud them sticking to the plan and hope they can implement Casper successfully. I like what Anorak has done and plan to support it/him as much as possible. I think implementing ETC was a good move. What are the other worthwhile coins out there?


Just put $20 worth of eth into miningrigrentals for ETC and moved my 3 nvidia cards back to ETH.

Monero post-fork is worth a look, maybe. I haven’t gone back to check it out but might this weekend. Zcash has potential as well.


What criteria do you use in analyzing other coins?


It’s been nice and quiet lately, so I’m just going to say “here, blockie blockie!”