[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 2!


Something is wrong w/ this pool - 4 Good blocks in 24hrs :rofl:


from https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Mining

The successful PoW miner of the winning block receives:

  • A static block reward for the ‘winning’ block, consisting of exactly 3.0 Ether

  • All of the gas expended within the block, that is, all the gas consumed by the execution of all the transactions in the block submitted by the winning miner is compensated for by the senders. The gascost incurred is credited to the miner’s account as part of the consensus protocol. Over time, it’s expected these will dwarf the static block reward.

  • An extra reward for including Uncles as part of the block, in the form of an extra 1/32 per Uncle included 1/32 per Uncle included


Uh actually these are the stolen blocks being returned, duh.


BTW, I have to say these blocks have been processed way more smoothly than before the stat reset. Machine is well oiled right now.


Yea, at first I wasn’t agreeable with the new payout/fee structure because it’s dynamic with high swings in the 10-20% range.

Some quick math on the last 1hr worth of blocks:

But…I determined the dynamic plan is fine. @Anorak has put a lot into not just this pool, but the whole anorak.tech community. He deserves some kickback and not having to pay out of his pocket for TX expenses.

With this last block party and the new fee structure, I’m still earning more than I did at nanopool; remember, 0% true fee on uncles!



wait a min, did we switch back?

Edit: Nevermind…ongoing discussion on telegram chat. Still determining the payout/fee structure


Oh, my bad :smiley:
Busted with 'da goods, eh?


you should increase the minimum payment to 0,001 eth… under 1$ or even 0.005 - 3.5$


@Anorak - you’re based in Germany, right?

Not sure if someone has mentioned it here already but the German government has ruled that mined cryptocurrencies are NOT taxable :sunglasses:

“Die sog. „Miner“ erfüllen in dem auf mathematischen Algorithmen beruhenden Pro-gramm des Bitcoin-Systems eine zentrale Aufgabe, da die Leistung ihrer Rechner-netzwerke Grundvoraussetzung für die Aufrechterhaltung des Systems ist. Minerstellen für das „Schürfen“ von Bitcoin dem sog. Miningpool ihre Rechnerleistung zurVerfügung, zeichnen Transaktionen in einem sog. „Block“ auf und transferierendiesen anschließend in die sog. „Blockchain“.Bei den Leistungen der Miner handelt es sich um nicht steuerbare Vorgänge.Die sog. Transaktionsgebühr, welche die Miner von anderen Nutzern des Systemserhalten können, wird freiwillig gezahlt und steht in keinem unmittelbaren Zusam-menhang mit den Leistungen der Miner.”

Hope other EU countries will follow!


Anorak is a bearded, grim and always bad tempered Norwegian (with roots in Germany). But thank you, I’m from Germany :blush:


@DKS The tag update :joy:

@unkel I wish the US followed that too


Like someone very wise (@gallifreyan) said some days before:
We continue to grow to:

Transhemispheric Enterprises / Transhemispheric Ethereum Enterprises Heuristic Eclectic Engagement (TEEHEE)

So at least we need multilingual support :joy:


How’s it looking? :slight_smile:



I think we’re still waiting to see how it fleshes out.

If they declare mined currency as taxable (and not just gains on it), then I’m moving my rigs home from the workshop and deducting my electric bill as a cost of investment. :slight_smile:


Its looking good, made little over half than on Ethermine for 4 days… But first 3 payments were lesser because of how this pool works. But I have high expectations in general. Based on some calculation it will be better than Ethermine at least for 10%. But we do need some boost in hash power. We need at least 60 gh/s


whats the benefit to using Nicehash compared to claymore?


You can’t buy hashing power from claymore?


Interestingly, I’ve been sampling since 10pm on the 8th (Pacific time) and our average hash rate over that time is about 60.14506GH/s


Strange, it looks like we have 60 gh/s for only a fraction of time…yet its an avg. Interesting,.


sorry to spit in your soup but you are getting this all wrong. the document you linked is about VAT - value added tax - aka Mehrwertsteuer.

it has nothing to do with income tax, that, if you are mining, you will have to pay for any gains you make with cryptocurrencies regardless.

so your claim about cryptocurrencies not being “taxable” is just wrong.